Cypresses vs the Taxus Baccata

Cypresses are a popular hedge plant because they are ideal for creating a natural and decorative garden boundary. The Taxus Baccata is very tolerant to many things which makes it an excellent hedging plant.

Reasons as to why you should grow Cypresses:

  • It can reach a height of up to 10m. This makes it a perfect plant for screening and privacy.
  • It is highly resistant to pests and diseases, making it a perfect choice for areas where these plants are at risk.
  • The dense foliage of these plants act as a windbreak, while also reducing noise and air pollution. By creating a compact hedge that cannot be easily broken, strong winds won’t be able to penetrate the wall.
  • It will provide shelter and serve as nesting sites for birds. Especially during the winter you will see a lot of wildlife in your hedge.
  • They require little maintenance.

Reasons as to why you should grow the Taxus Baccata:

  • The Taxus Baccata is also a low maintenance plant. You can keep the hedge in shape by pruning it once a year. When overgrown the plant can tolerate hard pruning.
  • The Taxus Baccata is the longest living plant in the UK with estimated ages of about 3000 years.
  • The Taxus Baccata van be trimmed to any shape. You can trim them into formal shapes or you can trim them into eye-catching curves and shapes.
  • It has a beautiful evergreen colour all year round, which gives your garden a natural look.

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