Prevention is better than control
The most sustainable way to control weeds is by preventing them. This can be done by:

Paving as little as possible. Nowadays we fill our gardens with tiles, but weeds can grow right between the cracks of those tiles. That’s why you should put more greenery in your garden or choose large tiles that are close together. This also gives weeds less chance to grow.
Salt is a useful tool to prevent weeds from growing. Sprinkle the salt on the grass or tiles and run a garden hose over them so the salt gets into the earth between the tiles. This makes it more difficult for the weeds to return.
Ground cover plants. Covering the bottom of the garden with a ground cover, such as wood chips or bark, prevents sunlight from reaching the soil and simply stops weeds from growing. You can also cover the soil of your garden with broad-leaved plants. These plants grow low and wide, giving weeds no chance. Some good ground cover plants include Stork Beak, Climbing Hairstreak, Saw Palmetto, Sage and Lady’s Mantle.
Do you have a lawn? Then try to fertilise and water it about three times a year. Drought and a lack of nutrition give weeds the opportunity to grow. In addition, try to mow the lawn regularly. Do not let the grass grow too high.

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